Faastigan XXX


Finally! The worst is over! (a.k.a. Faastigan)

I enjoyed working on this creative project though, no matter how demanding it was. From producing the branding, to the posters, display pictures, cover photos, promotional photos, and videos. Man, that was alot of hardwork.

One of the publicity efforts we made were the pictures for the Block Liking Photo Contest. I collaborated with Kenneth for this, and it turned out great! Received lots of good feedback.

Here are some of my favorites:


It was pretty tiring using the pen tool and clone stamp @-) jk I cheated with eraser. HAHAHA

Finally had time to post process pictures that aren’t org related, lol.

A day of learning and discovery with my siblings at the Mind Museum.

This day we celebrated RB graduating from grade school. Whew. Time flies by so fast. Seeing my siblings grow up and change so much in a couple of months feels quite strange. Suddenly, they have these new little traits or quirks about them that weren’t there before. Suddenly their voices change. Suddenly they’re not the tiny kids you used to look after before. Now they think differently, walk differently, talk differently, and act differently. Puberty is weird.

Some things don’t change though.

Days after returning home, I was suddenly thrown into another country: Singapore. The family trip was basically just for The Great Singapore Sale. I don’t know. I was just so tired from walking, taking the train, and more walking. It was so hot. 4 days wasn’t enough to explore the place. I didn’t get to see alot of things. The highlight of the trip for me was probably the Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer’s Life Exhibit.

Probably the heart of the exchange was the homestay program with our host family. Totally a new experience for me. In those 2 days, I learned how to practice non-verbal communication. Sometimes, words just aren’t enough. Thank god for being partnered with a UP Fine Arts major! The whole time we used drawing as a tool to communicate and connect with the children. 

Nothing fancy, I just observed an ordinary day in Kyoto. I felt that I was able to fully immerse myself in the Japanese culture. It was simple yet so meaningful. I also got to meet this Filipina (a family friend of theirs) who shared her life story to me. Immediately, I felt at home when we were speaking in our language (Tagalog). That feeling of familiarity in a foreign place was very comforting.

It was really interesting to be part of a japanese/indian family. The fusion of both cultures was just so amusing.

Thank you to the Shaikh family for being so kind and accommodating!